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Opening its doors in 1995, the Warrick Education Center (WEC) became the first educational program designed specifically to meet the needs of the at-risk students in Warrick County. The Warrick Education Center meets the needs of junior high school, senior high school, and adult learners in Warrick County.


The Warrick Education Center provides alternatives to the traditional educational setting for junior and senior high school students in Warrick County. The curriculum is varied, based on the individual needs of each student. Each student is expected to take ownership in their education and display the necessary work ethic toward being successful in our program. The staff operates as both resource and support for their students, providing not only instruction in academics but also positive reinforcement for the students' efforts and achievements.

WEC is equipped to accommodate approximately 120 students--60 per each three-hour session. The program operates under an open door policy where students may enter or leave the program anytime throughout the year. 

The Warrick Education Center is eager to serve the needs of its students and the community well into the future.

We are proud to be a Warrick County School!