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Program Objectives

WEC Program Objectives

The Warrick Education Center will provide equivalent instruction for credit on a self-paced, individual study basis. Regular education classes are offered and students have nine weeks to complete three courses. Techniques using applied learning will be used whenever appropriate. Students will be motivated as they master skills and concepts and feel the success of completing courses and earning credit. As each credit is earned, students will show by their level of course work and personal life that they are better problem solvers, decision-makers, and critical thinkers. The Warrick Education Center is committed to broadening the goals of students as they graduate and advance into an occupation or to prepare students for college or career and to aid students in the selection process for post-secondary training.

The Warrick Education Center will provide an adult atmosphere with high expectation for the development of students' academic abilities. The intent is to provide quality education, recognizing the various learning styles and emotional needs of students who may benefit from a non-traditional approach to learning.

The day is divided into two academic settings of three hours each. In each setting, the student will take three classes of 1 hour length.  Students are also required to do 3 hours of work virtually at home each day. The classes are individualized to accommodate ability level and skill. Students take the courses required for graduation or the GED test, working at their own pace and meeting with the teachers daily.