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Alternative to Expulsion

ATE Program

The ATE (Alternative to Expulsion) program is provided by the Warrick County School Corporation designed to allow expelled high school students the opportunity to recover a portion of the credits that they would have lost during their expulsion.

Students are accepted into the program only after they and their parents have completed an intake interview with WEC administration. A student agreement outlining the expectations established for the ATE program are explained and signed by the student, parent, and school. Failure on the student’s part to comply with the terms of the student agreement will result in the student being removed from the program and referred back to the due process hearing officer for future determination regarding the student’s education future in the Warrick County School Corporation.

The Warrick County School Corporation utilizes APEX, an online curricular program that is performance-based and student-paced. Students are enrolled in three subjects per day. Students’ final grades will be sent back to their home high school to be added to their official academic transcript.  Students are eligible to return to their home high school following successful completion of their expulsion.